Top tips on preventing data leak

These plans should expand the system of internal control and physical security of the bank. They should include provisions on the continuation and restart procedures in the event of a system failure or malfunction, i.e., a backup device located outside the installation location, confidential files, software and hardware, as well as procedures for replacing information processing. Emergency plans should be reviewed periodically to ensure that their effectiveness remains unchanged. A bank that uses external computer services to process its data must ensure that backup plans for these services complement its own.

Data leak hazards. Ineffective planning. Robust planning is paramount. The efficiency and quality of banking services is currently so dependent on computer systems that any failure to plan or develop new systems can have serious business consequences. Any failure to install new systems and provide new services can cause serious damage to the bank compared to its competitors. Conversely, excessive computerization, especially in cases where the benefits are small, is often incorrect in terms of costs.

Some financial institutions have had serious problems trying to introduce highly integrated financial systems. An integrated software system is a structure in which programs for various applications – loans, deposits, consumer and corporate clients – which are usually developed and work independently, are developed from the very beginning as part of the overall structure. , This approach aims to increase the real availability of information, increase the efficiency of operations and facilitate the introduction of new products. In some cases, the cost, time and human resources necessary to ensure the successful installation of an integrated system are underestimated. Projects developed over many years had to be abandoned at enormous cost.

Data leak hazards. Given the complexity of computer systems and their impact on the entire organization, it is important that management strive to ensure the success of each project. Close attention should be paid to the long-term (strategic) planning of computer systems, equipment, software, feasibility studies, defining system specifications, selecting suppliers and running a business. project. Risks associated with personal computers Personal computers, microcomputers, and computer equipment provided to the end user, until recently, played a relatively insignificant role in the processing of the central computer.

Currently, given the technical advantages, speed and price / quality ratio of individual computers, the use of this equipment has increased significantly; Thus, individual IT departments take over part of the data processing under centralized control. IT risks are currently affecting new banking domains, and in many cases these actions are not subject to control or supervision.

The most troubling question about individual IT professionals is that the introduction of management tools is not keeping pace with the development of these new networks for the provision and processing of information. The risks are usually the same as for the processors, but special attention should be paid to the possibility of damage or loss of data or software, which may interfere with the effective operation of the entire network. institution operation.

Microcomputers today are used not only for word processing, but also as communication terminals with other computers and other stand-alone processors. Since these systems in most cases are very personalized and independent, as one person is often responsible for the development, testing, production and operation of a set of programs, the ability to use various procedures and data processing methods that do not meet the standards adopted at the enterprise. Responsibilities Responsibilities Institutional managers are responsible for ensuring that activities are effectively protected from the above risks.

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